Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ramadan Diaries Day 02 Ramadan Kareem "Hats Off!"


Collage graphic by Sara's Baked Creations

Each year I see festivities like New Year's, Spring, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Fall, Winter, and etc. I decided why not spread some Ramadan feel around to neighbors? So me, mum, and Sara put our heads together (me being the creative lead, of course *insert silly smile here*), and we came up with some beautiful Ramadan Kareem bowls. There were dates, spritz cookies, fondant crescent moons, chocolates, and snickerdoodles in there! Details coming later at Sara Writes inshaAllah. This is a seriously good idea, let me tell you, because there is so much mixing of cultures and traditions everywhere that our kids need to see our religious festivals stand out!

Day 02 entry is coming in late because ... well ... it is one of those times of the year when all home management breaks lose on you. There are repairmen and service people I am dealing with and then there is Suhoor and Iftar! I was so glad (as if I had gotten a standing ovation or something) with this 'Hats Off!' graphic that I just had to share it in my Ramadan Diaries. I am one of those Sister-Moms who dedicatedly serve the home, kitchen, and beyond and yearn for some 'Thank yous' and 'I love yous'. Serving the family is serving Allah SWT I believe. May Allah SWT reward all those moms, sisters, wives, daughters, and house keepers (I love how housekeepers have been acknowledged by Shahzaib Hussain in the graphic) for their service this Ramadan. Ameen. 

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  1. You rock! Yes, hats off to you for being in so many places at the same time, doing so so so much work all around <3
    I'll be posting a detailed entry about the ramzan favor bowls soon insha'Allah over at :D
    PS: You need to help me name the crescents!