Friday, June 3, 2016

Ayeina's #AlhamdulillahFor Series Gratitude Journal [REVIEW]

"An ALHAMDULILLAH a day keep scarcity away."

That is the simply beautiful tagline of this crafty little gratitude journal by AYEINA. This is a genius brainchild of two sisters, Ayesha and Samina, who have combined portions of their names [Aye+Ina] to create a successful little project that is going to skyrocket to success inshaAllah. 

The website is:
"A hub for Islamic reflections/Lifestyle, Parenting, Education (Arabic learning), Art and Humor."
The word Ayeina means mirror and they have beautifully transformed the concept to reflect the hadith:

اَلْمُؤْمِنُ مِرْآةُ اَلْمُؤْمِنِ – The believer is the believer’s mirror.
It touched my heart instantaneously and I signed up to review their marvelous creation. These talented individuals are very humble and I can say that because despite being featured on BBC, Nat Geo, Smithsonian Magazine, The Sun Magazine, Cosmopolitan (Middle East), Sisters Magazine, The Intellect Magazine and many more, they spoke to me as if we were long-time friends. 


I instantly owned the journal, made it mine, by typing in my name on the very first page that lets you title it! The intricate Moroccan lattice pattern stole my heart. I am a big fan of Moroccan lanterns and lattice patterns. I can actually see myself filling in colors in this pattern some time later when I get this printed. I was working on an e-copy so I used an editing software to work on the pages. 

AFS works like a monthly gratitude journal. I had to fill in an #AlhamdulillahFor for each day of the week. Furthermore, each week has a theme. 

In the mundane world's humdrum and chaos we tend to take basic necessities for granted. The simply adorable graphics reminded of warm clothes in winter, roof over our heads, the cure in honey, home cooked meal, access to education, and halal meat anywhere anytime that we should be thankful to Allah SWT for. The list inspired me to be thankful for basic necessities that impact my own life. 

The 2nd week directed my focus to relationships - personal and social. I am an introvert and the max that I socialize is with the blogging community and friends on Facebook. When connectivity depends on social media, we need to remind ourselves consistently about the people who care for us. Also, daily busy life often creates a challenge of keeping up with family. This journal prompts you to make time for the relationships Allah SWT has gifted us with. 

Came Week 3 and I fell in love with the journal even more. This is where I got to reflect upon my existence as a Believer - a Muslim. I realize that my heart skips a beat when I take a long look at the Ka'abah. I shudder when I think what would have happened had I been born a non-Muslim? Would I have found guidance to revert? I am thankful for the way how Allah SWT guides my life's decisions through the Istikhara. I am thankful that I am able to worship and fast in Ramadan. I am thankful that I have access to books, websites, lectures, and etc. to acquire knowledge. There is so much I am thankful for. 

In the final week, I summed up by reflecting upon some of the Gifts Allah SWT has given me to make my life better and make me better as a person. 

To sum my Ayeina AFS experience I'd say that I have loved the process of inner reflection it triggered inside me and the journey of gratitude it has set me off on. I am incorporating beautiful graphics from the AFS journal on my Ramadan Adventure Board, insha'Allah.

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