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Sisterly Yours Jummah Word: Declutter Your Nafs

Calligraphy tools at The Art Of The Quran Exhibition At Sackler Gallery, Washington DC

Bismillah (In The Name Of Allah)

Assalamoalaikum (Peace Be Upon You)
Psycological and social clutter tends to create a brain fog that distracts me from staying true to my goals at times. I have always taken my life seriously but I am taking it extra seriously since my Hajj (September 2016) and Umrah (January 2017). Most recently I was on a very challenging trip to Karachi which left me in a post traumatic state when I returned. Recuperating from that and dealing with work/life drama has not been easy. All this and other issues which are outside my circle of concern but have influences on people around me who happen to be in my circle of concern have distracted me from my goals. Confusing? Imagine me living it ...
There should be a game plan; a concrete fail-proof defense strategy, that you will gauge to de-clutter your Nafs (psyche) if you have to get your goals straight.

A personal, inspiration nook is the best place to begin. I have de-cluttered my surroundings first because that is where the first change should begin. The mental chaos is difficult to shut down but the tangible chaos can be controlled super easily. Believe me ... the change seeps down and calms your nerves. I have started to feel the effect already. I have always had a Musallah (prayer place) in my room. This time I decided to use the lower showcase of my shelf to create a cozy nook that aligns with my Ja'namaz (prayer rug). The arrangement used to sit up in the shelf like a decoration and now it is part of my sitting space and keeps me focused during prayer and during dua’a. Fortunately the shelf is in the direction of the Ka’bah itself, so the little nook just fell in place.
I intend to resume my Qur’an tafsir (exegesis) self-study sessions, and so the gold basket holds the scripts - the Mas’haf itself and the Tafsir Ibn Kathir volume I am currently studying. The black and white swirls magnetic board stands in the background and I have put up the Alhamdulillah For graphics from the gratitude journal. The gold lantern rests on a box decorated with calligraphic text of Ayat Al Kursi. The box itself is for keeping the Qur'an. 
This is just the first step that is going to help me focus for now until my Nafs is strong, inshaAllah.
Secondly, the Nafs can be de-cluttered by following some challenging steps:
  • Avoid useless, senseless, disruptive, and argumentative conversations/discussions.
  • Avoid social events/gatherings where there is potential for big Fitnah.
  • Don't overthink things and leave them to Allah SWT. 

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