Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sisterly Yours Jummah Word: Heart In A Box

Bismillah (In The Name Of Allah)


(Peace Be Upon You)

The heart is the most sensitive; though most strongest, gift Allah SWT has given to us and we are the most negligent caretakers. It is built to endure the highs and lows Allah SWT has written in our destiny. "Allah burdens not a soul beyond its capacity.” [Sahih Muslim 126]. We are responsible for beating our poor heart down to a point where it loses the strength of faith (Iman) which makes the core! We are capable of doing this by emotionally investing ourselves in toxic relationships which do not give us a good return on our investment. We harbor a million expectations in our heart which shatter it when they are not met. We fail to realize that the best caretaker of our heart is Allah SWT because only a Creator can value His Creation. He hold us dear and near and we end up distancing ourselves from Him. The best solution to treating the weakness of our heart is to lock it in a box ad hand it to our Creator. This trust in Allah SWT is called Tawakkal and it is blind trust.
This was the Sisterly Yours Jummah Word, think about it.

Until next Jummah ...

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