Friday, May 19, 2017

Sisterly Yours Jummah Word: Ramadan Right Ahead


Ramadan Right Ahead
Ramadan is almost there, right around the corner, and preparations are underway. I have made countless trips to multiple grocery stores (got my Rooh Afza drink, parathay, and samosay!), the fridges and freezers are stocked to the brim, and bulk cooking is going on. Alhamdulillah for the increase in sustenance. And to be thankful, I have my favorite charity place set to send in gifts of love. More on that later, inshaAllah. The masjids are sending in emails about their activities and Iftar sponsorships. Ramadan, frankly, means food and drink! Community Iftars will be going on daily EVERYWHERE! I have the DC Metro Area Ramadan prayer timings calendar at hand and I'll be setting up my Ramadan Adventure Boards all through next week.
Ramadan Cookie Box Planning
Sara's Baked Creations New Moon Sugar Cookie 2017  
Every year Sara and I put together some gorgeous and delicious cookies and gift Ramadan goody boxes to next door neighbors and friends. The intention is Sadaqah of course. The smile on the faces that we see each year as I ring the doorbell are priceless. So, Sara's Baked Creations is buzzing with excitement as we plan which of our best cookies we'd put forward this year. I was at Staples yesterday to print the greeting labels. Baking would begin soon, InshaAllah.
Ramadan Diaries At The Ready

I am absolutely vibrating in my seat over Ramadan Diaries this year. MashaAllah, the graphics look so adorable and I am adding comics as a new feature. I am enjoying the humor and making it all up using my Bitmoji avatar. And, I do hope InshaAllah that I am able to stir up some laughs during Ramadan..
In Print
2 of my pieces made it to The Ideal Muslimah, Alhamdulillah. There's one on avoiding food wastage in Ramadan and I have shared our kitchen pro tips mine and Sara's) that we have successfully pulled off in the past 7 years of kitchen training. A second article is about Ramadan cleaning and it covers the psychological, physical, and social cleanse you should focus on to make the best of the Ajr (reward) that Ramadan brings. With these 2 pieces, Ramadan Diaries have taken off an early start I believe. 
 Next Jummah InshaAllah is the moon sighting! See you then! It'll be the launch day of Ramadan Diaries too!

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