Friday, June 2, 2017

Ramadan Crafts: The Ramadan Skyline

I am a huge fan of skylines! Last year I had made an XOXO Skyline for Sara to compliment her birthday cake. This year, I decided to do a Ramadan themed skyline the focus of which was a mosque and the colors reflect Springtime! (this year's Ramadan Diaries theme).

This 3D model was pretty simple to make. I edited some readymade graphics on Adobe and had the skyline printed out. Then, using Elmer liquid glue, I pasted the cutout onto a styrofoam piece. Next, using a sharp serrated knife, I cut out the skyline. The base for the model was a golden boat-shaped vase (earlier part of a Lindt chocolate basket).
You can use any basket you like. I added the blue, gift tissue to hide the base which was an extra couple inches of styrofoam (because I knew the vase had some depth to it). Next, to prop up the cloud cutouts and the glittery Ramadan moon, I used wood skewers (yes! kabab skewers!). The cloud's black accents are done using a Sharpie. Simply, I taped the cutouts to the skewers, and voila! Ramadan skyline!

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