Friday, June 9, 2017

Ramadan Diaries Day 14: Conversations With The Almighty

There are always emotional setbacks when you seek a sincere, friendly, listening ear among people around you. Sometimes, your cheerfulness does not get a hearty response. In some unfortunate times, people who lend you a listening year breach your trust. There's remorse when you are isolated, ignored, or left alone in a crowd. Often, when you try to create conversations with the world; it is not always a package of good beans, you find your expectations shattering and your heart breaking. The only meaningful conversations are those that happen between you and Allah. He always listens and He responds. Dua (supplication) is the way to summon His Mercy and Help, Zikr (remembrance) is the way to summon His Good Will, and Ibadah (prayer) is the way to win His Blessings for both worlds. He is closer than our jugular vein, He is always watching - even when people leave us alone and ignore us, - He is always listening when we break down and cry, and He is always responding when we call for help. I do not think there is any more need, or any more explanation. 

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