Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ramadan Diaries Day 15: Pray Not With Pride For The Lord To Whom You'll Return

A team of scholars were discussing 'pride in Ibadah (prayers)' this morning in ARY Digital's Shan e Ramzan sehri transmission. The show host asked the panel about people who take pride in their prayers and acts of worship. Added activity is seen in mosques as people gather to offer prayers and also Taraweeh (additional prayers with Qur'anic recitation) after Isha (the night prayer). It is common practice to note a hint of pride and arrogance in their attitudes over those who may not necessarily go out to pray, or pray lesser number of Taraweeh nafils and leave the masjid early, or over those who are not part of the Ramadan social scene. Where does a person expect to go with this attitude? - asked a scholar on the panel. The first question in the grave after death is about prayers. How unfortunate would be the one who would be asked 'why were you proud about it?' along with that question. Majority of the lot argues that it is advised to 'compete' in religion. Yes! But for the better, and not with pride. Ibadah (worship) is to please Allah and our accountability is to Him and not the Imam of the masjid, or our friends, or our social circle. One of the scholars said that the misfortune of our ummah is that when a sinner and a worshipper enter a mosque, the sinner's balance of good deeds is lower than the worshipper. But when they come out, the sinner's good deeds have doubled because of the humbleness of his repentance before Allah, and the worshipper's good deeds have decreased because of the pride he showed in his actions over the sinner due to feeling superior about being a worshipper. 

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