Monday, June 12, 2017

Ramadan Diaries Day 17: Where Are You Headed?

Photography: At Islamic Society Of Annapolis
This morning at Sehri, I was talking to Sara and the discussion turned serious. Ever since we became Hajjis in September 2016, our perspective of life has changed greatly. Personally, I feel like I know that there is only one true direction that is to be worked on. That path is the Sirat al Mustaqeem (the path of righteousness). O, and dear all this path is not easy and is studded with thorns. Once we reach Paradise, we get bouquets of flowers inshaAllah. I do not deny myself the material delights of this world because they are all Allah's special gifts and bounties that I am supposed to enjoy. But ever since I have felt the feeling of direct communication with Allah since I have set foot on the Mataf of Ka'abah, things have changed in meaning for me. I realize in my prayers that this is the best way my body can move. In Ramadan, feeding myself twice and staying hungry/thirsty all day is the best way my body can survive. And praising Allah, and seeking His forgiveness is the ONLY way - the only lifestyle designed for this world.  
It is high time that we narrow down our daily choice of distractions. I am not talking about shunning everything and sitting in a cave. We are too complicated for that. But there is a need to tone down our conversations, selectively retain the essential arguments and ignore unnecessary ones, and focus on the one direction that Allah has set for us but has disguised it with worldly pleasures. So we have to find our way. Evaluate ... where are you headed?

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