Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ramadan Diaries Day 18: Inspirations From The Almighty

The moon was a beaming full a couple of days ago and the huge halo around it looked absolutely divine. This majestic cosmic body is only one of the Signs of Allah swt, the Perfect Creator, the Master of The Universe. As humans, Best Of All Creations, we may have the Hubble unveiling the mysteries of the universe, but we still have not managed to conquer the boundaries of the vast expanse Allah has created. These Signs can only be seen by those who seek to be inspired. This is just like every pure, positive thought that comes to our minds, all good intentions, all creative ideas are from our Creator. To be able to recognize these inspirations - since they are always there - we need to be in touch with our Creator Who has inculcated only good in our hearts and minds. We tend to pollute it and we let the Devil get the best of us. These inspirations need to be felt, and experienced. 5 times a day He inspires us to bow before Him, praise, Him, and seek His Goodness and Protection from Hellfire. Through evil talk, He inspires us to keep clean and stay silent. Through difficulty, He inspires us to call Him, submit to Him, and acquire His Mercy. If only we could listen ... 

Photography and Editing: Sara Ali


"Every year Abbie and I put together a gorgeous Ramadan favors box full of delicious treats by Sara's Baked Creations, wishes from the Ali Family, massive-kind-of creativity from Abbie, and lots and lots and lots of love! Back in 2015, when Abbie first came up with the idea of a favor box, we made gorgeous glass bowls. Then in 2016 we sent deliciousness to our friends in colorful favor boxes adorned with ribbons. This year too we put together a super awesome favors box and everybody LOVED it so much. Ramadan this year arrived along with Spring so Abbie's Ramadan theme was super colorful and bright. She put together these adorable looking labels that conveyed Ramadan wishes from the Ali Family in super sass and style. I loved the labels this year so so much, I think these have to be my favorite ones that Abbie has made so far! I'm always all about colors and these were just so vibrant! Loved them!"

Read more about them at Sara Writes

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