Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ramadan Diaries Day 20: Search For Laylatul Qadr

Ramadan is bidding farewell and the last 10 nights are upon us so soon. As I feel myself slip into a grim state of mind (just how the human mind and body feels in one of its cycles), I am trying to stay focused. I promised myself to believe in the Qadr of Allah when I went for Hajj last year. And I am going to reinstate that promise to Him during the last odd nights of worship. There has been a lot of grief in the world in recent times and somehow my heart found its way into the epicenter of the chaos. The images and videos of infants dying in chemical attacks, parents searching for familiar faces under blankets of tiny dead bodies, the orphans from war, the criminal brutalities everywhere, the intolerance and hate sprouting among once peaceful and diverse communities ... it is a shame. I wish to find peace of heart and mind somewhere during this time. I must understand that it has to get worst before it changes for the better and then the times end. I must understand that my struggles are nothing compared to what tiny little children face at a tender age in some distressed nook of the world. I must understand the Qadr of Allah, I must learn Sabr.

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