Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Blessed Script: A Sisterly Yours' Tafsir Project

The Blessed Script is a Sisterly Yours tafsir (exegesis) project that I am undertaking as part of a personal Qur'an study goal. I am unassisted and my study materials are the 10 volumes of Tafsir Ibn Kathir (abridged) - the most authentic exegesis of the Qur'an - and online resources. I view the world and the immediate reality from an alternative mind. Let's just say Allah swt has blessed me such. So I shall be including my own thoughts and perspective into the study, and shall be linking my learning to the modern day world. You can expect to find graphics (some even scenes out of movies), paintings, documentaries, films and whatever media I can find to help comprehend the teachings of the Qur'an. I wish to do this because we live in a contemporary era of sensory overload. We need convincing visuals. That's exactly what I wish to compile, Insha'Allah.
The list of entrees in the index below will grow, Insha'Allah, as I cover the chapters (surahs) little by little (in no particular order). Small surahs will occupy a single entree while longer ones will be broken down into several entrees. May Allah swt help me increase in knowledge and convey to friends and family and clarify misconceptions about the message of Islam which is the message for the universal good of humankind. Ameen.
Chapter 97: Al-Qadr: The Decree

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