Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ramadan Nook

I always have a nook ready for Ramadan which keeps me focused. My writer's study is my den, my safe haven from the world. And there, on ground level (in a shelf) exactly before where I sit down to pray i.e. my Musallah, I set up this beautiful, cozy little nook. 

  • Golden LED lantern (Left): from Christmas time Five Below.
  • Quranic script calligraphy storage bow (below lantern): It is a Quran box, came with a boxed Qur'an.
  • LED string lights Moroccan lattice: Target
  • Woollen mats at the base: Target
  • Laser stencil cut, wooden Allah pen holder: from ICNA-MAS convention bazar
  • Wooden bamboo photo frame (base of pen holder): from Karachi
  • Decorative pillars, set of 3 were a gift
  • Lamp is from Dubai International Airport
  • Sheesha is from the airport as well.  

Ramadan Diaries printables are my favorite to display every year. So, I put them all up. Some beautiful glass bubble magnets were at Five Below and they matched my feel of Ramadan Diaries. Dark blue night sky type of thing. 
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  • Board: Quartet brand (best!) from Walmart (also sold online).
  • Background wallpaper: HomeGoods gift wrap
  • Fanoos LED keychains from YAHSSS store on Etsy. I bought these at the grand bazaar at the ICNA-MAS convention last year (2016). 
  • The glittery crescent moon and Moroccan pattern cutouts. Cardstock from Dollar Tree.
  • Brown patterned paper with floral stained glass look border is scrapbook paper from Michaels.
  • String lights are Moroccan lattice LED string lights from Target (also on Ebay).
  • Glass bubble magnets (blue dark night edition) from Five Below.
  • Circle Allah magnet: purchased from ICNA-MAS Convention bazar.
  • Printables: done from Staples.

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