About The Abbie

Assalamolaikum [peace be upon you] & Greetings,
I am Anum Ali, fondly known as The Abbie (my pen name) in cyberspace! I'm a Maryland, USA-based creative writer and poetess at heart! To run the show I carry an MBA degree in Human Resource Management. I'm a late 80's kid (which explains the 'rockstar' attitude) doing the high-wire act of life as a homemaker, landlady/property manager by occupation, and a freelance writer. I also co-own Sara's Baked Creations - a home-baking project founded by my sister Sara (the baking maestro!). On Planet Abbie I am known as the: Sister-Mom, the ladies chauffeur, and Home Chef. Quite a lot on my plate, Alhamdulillah!
In 2010 I debuted into Islamic lifestyle blogging with a blog called Faithfully Yours. A Muslim ladies blogging website picked me up as their Self-Esteem Series writer. Alhamdulillah it won heavy duty appreciation from the readership! I was soon serving as one of the editors for the platform. Several other websites approached me for content creation *WOOHOO* and I pitched ideas and submitted write ups for others, gradually developing my confidence! Ever since I have been parading the cybersphere writing here and there. Some of my pieces were published in local Muslim women's magazines as well. I had discovered by then that my forte is writing for ladies in particular and hence the blog name changed to SISTERLY YOURS !
It's high time now and creative expressionists must take the front row in powerwashing the negative global hyperbole that has tainted the image of Islam! Simply put, it is a religious ideology ... a peaceful one, a tolerant one, a kind one, and above all it is not orthodox, not oppressing, not barbaric in any way. The only way to prove that is to show the Muslim lifestyle to the world through creative expression. As a Muslim woman, I function just like a human being, no tail, no antennae, no tricks up my sleeve! The only difference is, as a practicing Muslim, my lifestyle accommodates an exclusive fashion/dressing style, unique festivals and celebrations, and distinct functional aspect of life guided by ethical and moral standards of premium quality!
In addition to publishing Islamic lifestyle, cooking, poetry, and adventure blogs, I enjoy fantasy fiction (I'm a Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter fanatic), large doses of Chai, driving (my car goes by the name Black Pearl after Captain Jack Sparrow's ship o'course!), and crafts!

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